Celebration of Quinceañera masses.

Holy Redeemer is pleased to share in the faith and culture beliefs of our parishioners especially in the traditional celebration of each their daughters upon the completion of her 15th year.

Notice: Please be aware of the following changes.

A change has been made to accommodate the number of requests for the Quinceañera Mass and at the same time meet the ministerial obligations of Holy Redeemer parish.

Therefore all Quinceañera Mass will be communial masses.


Registration must be made no later than 3 months prior the scheduled mass at the parish office.

Each Quinceañera must have received the sacrament of Confrimation or is in preparation to receive the sacrament either in the Religious Education Classes or in their school.

La Quinceañera must participate in a Quinceañera retreat and provide a certificate of completion:


• Each Quinceñera will be expected to pay a $250.00 church fee.


• The mass will begin promptly at 1:30pm with or without all Quinceñeras

All the Quinceñeras will renew their baptismal promises at the same time.

They will pray the prayer of thanksgiving.

Each Quinceñera will be permitted to present floweres individually to Our Lady after Communion.

The readings will be selected by the Priest celebrant.

The music will be selected and provided by the Church.

Flowers can be provided by the Quinceñera provided all Quinceñeras are in agreement on type, color, arrangements and expense

Photographs are only permitted to be taken during the procession, prayer of dedication, offering of flowers and after mass.

Blessing of articles

Only a bible and a rosary will be blessed and permitted to be given to the Quinceñera during the mass.

Sacramento de la Reconciliación:

• It is strongly suggested that the Quinceñera with her parents, the damas and the chambelanes participate in the Sacrament of Confession before the mass. Please see the the Buliten for the hours for Confession here at Holy Redeemer or feel free to go the church of your chosing.